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3 years ago
The guy is an asshole, treat a women like that..
3 years ago
Any woman, even an old prostitute, should be treated with some respect.
hggh 3 years ago
What is her name???
D.W. 3 years ago
What the fuck is he doing??
.... 3 years ago
any need to spit in a womans face and slap her like that, what a nobhead
Guberhaft 3 years ago
She looked disgusted.
Dex 3 years ago
Stop slapping her you son of bitch
Anonymous303 3 years ago
Am i the only one thinking she is the "French julia Robert's"?
Zeer1 3 years ago
French Asshole, that’s not how you treat a lady, that’s why they (the French) got their ass kicked during world war 2
Markman 3 years ago
What's her Name?